About the Artist


I started out my creative journey in the 1990’s soon after graduating from a Master’s program in counseling and beginning my career as a mental health counselor. I’ve always been a deep thinker and felt a strong connection to other people and their lives. As a young adult, going into a helping profession only felt natural and I continued on this path for another decade.


Helping others with their mental health challenges was difficult at times as I was trying to pave my own path in the world. A friend introduced me to jewelry making and I quickly took a Saturday job working at a bead shop. I took it one step further and began teaching classes and selling my own pieces. I felt so much peace and contentment while making jewelry and sharing my jewelry with others. 


Jewelry design was my passion for years but as time went on, I began experimenting with a lot of other mediums such as acrylics, watercolors, oils, clay. At one point I had a business upcycling and refinishing home decor and furniture. 


A friend of mine, who is a high school art teacher, suggested that I try art journaling. She insisted that the more that I “play” without worrying about mistakes, the deeper my creativity will grow. What I’ve discovered about myself is that I love layers, texture, and trying things that I’ve never seen before. The best part about being an artist is that there are no rules other than being authentic and true to yourself. I see my art as an expression of my spirituality and I can’t imagine living a life without being creative. 


My inspiration comes from the Gulf of Mexico, shorebirds, flowers, and re-using found objects. I reside in Blue Mountain Beach, Florida, with my husband and rescue standard poodle named Seymour.